Our ALIBI Blonde won SILVER at the World Beer Cup 2014 in the Golden or Blonde Ale category!

Welcome to Circle Brewing Co!

*** Please Note: New Tasting Room Hours & Days!!! ***

*** Thursday 5-9p, Friday 5-10p, Saturday & Sunday 2-7p! ***

circle. Combining the principles of the German Purity Law of 1516 (Reinheitsgebot) with a little creativity and Texas ingenuity, Circle Brewing Co. endeavors to create a better beer. By utilizing only the main four ingredients, Water, Malt, Hops, and Yeast, we ensure the highest quality of product in the purest possible form.
Purity through Simplicity.
perfection. Our brews embody the concept of purity through simplicity of design. You won't find chemicals, stabilizing or clarifying agents, cheap additives or adjuncts, or even gimmicky fruits or spices in any of our brews. At Circle, we embrace the German Purity standards of 1516 and strive to continually brew better beer with it in mind. For us, the circle is a symbol of perfection in its most basic form. We share that perfection with you in every pint of Circle.
Get Into It.
tours? news? etc? Our Tasting Room is open every Thursday 5-9p, Friday 5-10p, and Saturday and Sunday 2-7p (excluding major holidays)! We also have Quarterly Open House events at the brewery. For that info and other Circle happenings around town, check our blog, facebook, and/or twitter.